Don’t Believe Yourself too much

Believing in yourself means thinking you are a capable person, not that you will never make a mistake. Don’t think that because you are a talented person you cannot learn from others or you should never be criticized or others want to know how highly you think of yourself.

A very rich fellow ran for governor of a Southern state not too long ago. He didn’t like taking directions from people. He was, after all, his own man. He had become very successful on his own, and he thought there was nothing useful anyone could teach him because he already knew everything he needed to know.
Two things came out of this belief. One, people felt that he was full of himself, disagreeable, and not someone they particularly liked or trusted. And, two, when during a debate televised statewide he didn’t know the answer to how the state passed a budget, people felt like his pompous image was a phony mask
covering up for the fact that he really wasn’t that capable. This man didn’t become governor or senator or anything else he ran for. He told people he was too capable to listen and learn. The people told him he was just incapable of listening and learning

Source : David Niven Phd. The 100 Simple Secret of Happy People. 2000